Bloom & Spring!

It’s a new month, and a new season is well on it’s way. The love that you felt in February shouldn’t have just been about one particular holiday.  With this holiday, people were either head over hills in love with their significant other or bashing the holiday because there’s not a significant other in sight. With the “love” month behind us, I felt the need to go deeper in what it truly looks like to not only love other people but to truly love yourself.

But what does loving one self truly mean?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bubble bath with scented candles and a nice glass of wine. When I’m in need of a good self-care, I like to do these things. I am big on self care and making sure I pamper myself with the finer things, but that’s not what self love is all about. 

Loving ourselves is being able to look in the mirror without criticizing our love handles. Loving ourselves is about being content with where we are in our life. Loving ourselves is about thinking and speaking positive words over ourselves. What I’m trying to say is that self love doesn’t consist of a physical process. We have to conquer the fact that what’s within is what we need to love on the most. 

Let’s be honest: I, Robyn Dean Grant, the Event Executor, the Chaos Coordinator and the one who truly loves to inspire others with vision is still a work in progress on truly loving herself. 

I still let a few not so good thoughts creep in my mind when I can’t find the right pose for my selfie after I’ve done so many takes just to find the right pose. And you know what; that’s okay because at least I know that I’m allowing something beautiful to grow from all of this. 

What is that beautiful thing you ask? TRUSTING THE PROCESS! 

After having a hard time loving on my younger self, I’ve grown to love the woman that I am today with purpose. I was only stuck in that version of myself because I allowed myself to be. One day I hope you will be able to love yourself for who you are and that you are proud of the progress that you have made. 

Even though the month of February is over, let’s continue our year with self love. Are you ready to bloom and spring into your best you?! Becoming the best you is a yearly process and that’s the kind of love that will never come to an end. 

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