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Winning Wednesday: oh hello Spring!!

When you think of Spring, what comes to mind?  

  • Fluffy Peter Cottontail
  • Hummingbirds drinking flower nectar from daisies and tulips
  • Little baby chicks waddling here and there
  • Vibrant butterflies fluttering in the big blue sky
  • Renewal, a chance to start again, cleanliness

Me?  Well, I see the opportunity to decorate in spring color palettes….nature-inspired hues, from grass green to soft lavender.  I typically like to mix a variation of all spring color hues together, especially when it comes to decorating the front door of my home.

Your front door is incredibly easy to decorate, and can make a huge impact!  Most people tend to gravitate towards hanging a pretty wreath, but sometimes the simplest things can give your door and/or front entrance to your home, a fresh and unique Spring flare!

My Inspired Creation

Purpose Time:  March – May

Inspiration Time:  30 minutes

Creation Time:  15 minutes

Target has some really inexpensive and cute items that are great finds for the door decor and front entrance of your home.  I found Mr. Hippity Hoppity and the garden kneeling pad [yes…my door decor is a garden kneeling pad] all located in the famous smartfind section, Bullseyes Playground.  Currently, Target has available items featuring Spring, Easter, wellness, etc.

3M Command™ brand has a large assortment of product options that removes the need to use a hammer and nails.  Command™ Narrow Picture Hanging Strips are my go-to when hanging items on my door, small in weight size.  And when it’s time for me to remove the decor from the door, it’s so easy-peasy.

Needing help “springing” your inspired creation into action?  Let PICreations know!!!

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