Bloom & Spring!

It’s a new month, and a new season is well on it’s way. The love that you felt in February shouldn’t have just been about one particular holiday.  With this holiday, people were either head over hills in love with their significant other or bashing the holiday because there’s not a significant other in sight. […]

Drop the New Year’s Resolution!

It’s a few days in the new year, and like most people, everyone is somewhere doing something that pertains to their New Year Resolution. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful thing when you’re sticking to the goals that you’ve set out to do. But what happens in the month of March, or maybe even […]

Things Beyond the Mistletoe!

It’s easy to get lost in the bustle of the holiday season. With over packed schedules and overwhelming to – do lists, your holly jolly Christmas can turn into a frantic one. We also cannot forget the fact that this season can end up being all about the kiddos, and the things that they would […]

Happy Harvest – Decor for Less

Decorating for every season sounds like a fun thing to do! It gives you the opportunity to start anew and find ways to let your creative juices flow. The problem that may arise is that keeping up with the decor can become expensive especially when you are trying to stay on a budget. Good thing […]

New Season, New Reasons

September is already here….where did August go?!? Up, up and away!!! Saying good-bye to August, means the Summer time fun is coming to an end. This also means that we are looking forward to a new season. With every new season, you will always have time to reflect on not only what’s to come, but […]

Enjoy the Sunshine & Silos

Summer definitely means it’s time to sit back and unwind, but in MY CREATIVE SUMMER, it’s a time to get moving and find more ways to keep my creative juices flowing. With the sun being out, and travel is a MUST, I did a little road trip that would help with my summer decor ideas. […]

Welcome To……

Winning Wednesday: oh hello Spring!! When you think of Spring, what comes to mind?   Fluffy Peter Cottontail Hummingbirds drinking flower nectar from daisies and tulips Little baby chicks waddling here and there Vibrant butterflies fluttering in the big blue sky Renewal, a chance to start again, cleanliness Me?  Well, I see the opportunity to […]

Hello October

By definition, a chandelier is a decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles to add elegance to the surroundings which it exists. Beyond its’ lighting purposes, by design, it captivates and demands attention as abundance of light reflects from its’ structure. The placement is strategic, centered high above for an ultimate […]

Go Robyn Go!

Soooooo how does it feel when you start walking IN your purpose? Only one can imagine. It is a great feeling indeed!